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Visual Inspection System (VIS) 

Sigenic Visual Inspection System (VIS) integrating miniature, high-speed digital video cameras into the machinery, this system transforms visual data into a valuable resource for predictive analysis.

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01  Process Control Monitoring

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Figure 1. Nozzle Suckback Condition Monitor

Sigenic VIS system has the capability to dynamically monitor liquid process conditions by translating video footage into actionable data.

Valve degradation can lead to suboptimal chemical nozzle retraction, causing residual chemicals to cling to the nozzle's periphery. Subsequently, these remnants could potentially dislodge onto the post-processing wafer, invariably resulting in defects and diminished yield. 

Sigenic's VIS system can also effectively identifying anomalies like N2 tube blockages that could lead to the perpetuation of liquid flow instead of the intended atomized dispersion.

process control2.png

02  Key Component Monitoring


VIS system has the capability to oversee the presence of key components, thereby averting any potential lapses that could lead to critical process steps being overlooked, ultimately influencing the wafer yield.


This system serves to validate the correct fitting of components into their designated locations, effectively mitigating the risk of any unintended deviations.


Figure 2. Brush Missing Detected

Brush missing.png

Improper installation caused the process brush to fall off, leading to scrapped wafers. 


03  Object Drift Monitoring

VIS system has the capability to vigilantly monitor object positions/orientation. Through real-time data comparison, it promptly detects any abnomalies, safeguarding against yield-impacting excursions. 

Component Drift Monitoring.png

Figure 3. Spray Nozzle Drift Detection

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Spray Nozzle caught offset by 0.5 and 1mm. 

This phenomenon of spray nozzle drift significantly undermines the efficacy of the cleaning process, potentially resulting in wafers scraped or diminished yield rates.

Component Drift Monitoring-Nozzle.png
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