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About Us

Since 2008, SIGENIC has successfully partnered with global companies to research and develop a range of effective instruments and software in the field of Machine Condition Monitoring, specialising in predictive fault analysis. Sigenic has a dedicated team of R&D engineers. We have developed monitoring instruments together with enhanced algorithms and user-friendly interfaces that allow more effective monitoring of the real-time behaviour of modern machines. We focus on the equipment used in fab‑semiconductor production line, but our solutions are applicable to most production line equipment.


Our mission is to bring together a passionate and dedicated team that specializes in big data analysis for comprehensive machine health monitoring. Through our expertise, we aim to revolutionize the manufacturing process by providing real-time insights that enable proactive maintenance and optimization. 

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As for our vision, we aspire to establish a robust software company at the forefront of innovation in the manufacturing sector. Our vision is rooted in the belief that revolutionary ideas have the potential to reshape industries. By developing cutting-edge solutions, we seek to empower manufacturers with the tools they need to streamline operations, reduce costs, and elevate productivity. We envision a future where our software solutions not only set new standards for efficiency but also contribute to a sustainable and technologically advanced manufacturing landscape.

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Est 2008

  • Machine servicing / Part sourcing



  • Achieved Biz Safe Level 3 standard

  • Became a member of the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA)


  • Filed for patents (pending) for two devices



  • Robot-I patent awarded

  • Developed the real-time embedded machine health monitoring system.

  • Collaboration between Sigenic and NYP (Nanyang Polytechnic)

  • Collaboration between Sigenic and NTU (Nanyang Technology University)

  • Acquired SECS GEM capability


  • Vibration Sensor patent awarded

  • Developed the wireless monitoring system


  • Initial tool maker DISCO (TYO:6164) Collaboration

  • Development of Vibration Monitoring systems for harsh environments


  • Initial A*Star and SIGENIC Collaboration

  • Initial Software development

  • Developed end-of-life prediction monitoring for consumable parts


  • Condition Monitoring Software System (Serebro) launched


  • Selected by ESG (Enterprise Singapore) to attend UC (University California) Berkeley’s SkyDeck Accelerator Program



  • Robot-I Korea patent awarded


  • Selected by the ESG (Enterprise Singapore) and SME-CENTRE to participate in Partners for Business Growth (PBG) Programme


  • Visual Inspection System (VIS) launched

  • Development of Sigenic IOT (Lite) Sensor

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