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Redefining  Machine Health Control Standard

Serebro is the algorithm that developed entirely by Sigenic in-house; it unique methodologies captures and analyses machine health data in real time and is able to detect exceptionally small changes in multiple form of signal. Furthermore, it has the capability of filtering signal from noise thanks to its proprietary, edge computing algorithm. The flexible system is built open-endedly, thereby allowing adjustments and enhancements. 

Data Analyst

What is Serebro?

Why Choose Serebro?

Our system has demonstrated its capability in resolving many long-standing chronic issues for our clients.

Our unique methodologies, which employ a comprehensive yet in-depth analysis, assist users in identifying the root cause and addressing it before or at the very outset.

This sets us apart from our competitors.


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SECS GEM ready, FDC compatible

Our proprietary in-house development software offers high flexibility in multi-sensor integration. It boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to navigate and utilize its powerful features. Our powerful data modeling engine delivers invaluable insights tailored to your machine condition monitoring requirements. Plus, we're client's host integration ready, streamlining the implementation process seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. 



Crucial bridge to facilitate the accurate real-time monitoring
A comprehensive solution, from point-of-use detection to factory host integration


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Broad yet-depth edge modelling


Expandable / Scalable


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Easy and Flexible Integration
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Solutions easy to implement across fabs
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