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Abstract Background

Maximize Your Production Reliability with Breakthrough Predictive Analytics

Our unique technology serves as a crucial bridge between your IT host and the machines. 

It effectively achieves:

Prevent by predicting the excursion

Cost-saving by avoiding expensive server upgrades

Unleashes the full potential of the existing host analytics performance

Minimizes wafer scraps and safeguard production

What We Do

SIGENIC provides enhanced 

real-time machine condition monitoring solutions to factories; our solution has the capability to run high-resolution multi-dimensional in-depth analysis of real-time data, thereby enabling engineers to optimize their machine condition monitoring requirements.

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Automated Engineer 
Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 9.52.25 PM.png
Real-Time Edge Modelling
Broad-yet-Depth Analysis
Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 9.52.16 PM.png
IT Host
Varies Type of Sensors Input Ready

SIGENIC’s solution is the excursion enemy that maximizes your ROI!

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SIGENIC’s system has the capability to capture acute and isolated abnormalities without increasing the host's sampling rate

Our Services

Massive Cost Saving Solution

The real-time analysis maximize the value from every piece of data received from your machines. This results in increased machine uptime, improved quality and minimized excursions. Potential machine faults can be identified from data anomalies at an early stage. This allows for planned repairs before expensive disruptive breakdown. In addition, real-time health monitoring allows for condition-based planned maintenance, extending uptime and reducing costs.

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Sigenic’s Proprietary Software 

Advanced algorithms that able to process real-time data

and ingeniously define the signature and characteristics of the target machine

•    Comparatively lower in sampling rate
•     Lack of edge-modelling
Sigenic goes beyond these restrictions to provide preventive and predictive solutions based on real-time condition monitoring.

Current market practice restrictions:

Examples from our Track Record:



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