With a passionate drive for innovation and technical creativity, SIGENIC has successfully partnered with global compaines to research and develop a range of effective instruments that combines precision engineering with carefully conceptualised designing.

Engineering Intelligent Solutions

As a speacialist in the field of Machine Health Monitoring, Sigenic houses a dedicated team of R&D engineers, working to develop a wide range of monitoring instruments, coupled with enhanced algorithm and user-friendly interfaces that allow effective monitoring of the realt time behaviour of robots.

Every engineer in our R&D Team takes an inspiring ownership in the development and manufacture of these well-developed devices. Each design aspect and engineering concept developed is homogenised and then clearly transposed onto the product itself, delivering with it, our principle objective of achieving production and cost efficiency for the Client.


Engineers and technical speacialist expect not only precision,functional design and a long service life in equipment, but also practical features that could only be acheived through extensive studies and close collaboration work. At Sigenic, we pride ourselves on delivering services that exceed these expectations. Whenever a component is need of improvisation, our Team will be there to make that process as convenient as possible.


At Sigenic, we are always seeking passionate, innovative individuals and corporations to come together and realize the potential of creating revolutionising products. Eversince inception, we have always believed in the plethora of opportunities arising from the integration of ideas and inspirations. No doubt specialising in machine health-monitoring devices, creating reliable intelligent engineering Solution remains an ethos of Sigenic.

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A glance at the behinde the quality and innovations of Sigenic;from the early days as humble servicing centre, to a research centric firm of today.