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Condition Monitoring System

Redefining machine health control standards

Our team configures the data collection to each application by applying our unique methodology that combines with the principles of physics to data diagnostics. We collect critically defined high-resolution data tailored individually to each machine. This ensures the best machine performance analysis. This approach is only achieved with our powerful algorithms that define the key differences between Sigenic and our competitors.

Sigenic condition monitoring system gives connectivity for a high number of sensors. This heavy-duty version has the capacity to connect entire sensor fleets on an equipment with high resolution data diagnostic capability. The system integrates data that channels through dedicated industrial grade computer peripherals. It includes proprietary algorithms that provide an on-tool database, allowing comprehensive control of the user’s machine health monitoring. It features a legible user interface and provides easy to read signatures for sensor data collected both in real-time and as post-processed analyzed trends. It supports multi-channel data collection and multi-dimension data analysis for comprehensive awareness of the machine’s health. It also comes with individual baseline comparisons, upload and software library setting functions. The system works with standard foundries IT protocol and can directly send the derived analysis to the IT host.  


The condition monitoring system works happily with both Sigenic’s in-house sensors and also most third-party sensors. It’s algorithms ingeniously look for correlations across multiple parameters and compare the results second by second to a predefined baseline and/or that from previous runs, giving absolute trend predictions. Sigenic condition monitoring system brings local control to its finest potential. 


SEMS GEM ready, FDC compatible

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