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Tech Intro

Intelligent Solutions

Advanced machine health monitoring 
with real-time predictive analysis
to target anomalous machine performance.

Our Services
Sigenic’s Unique Engineering Methodology


Prudently evaluates the mechanism of the machine and analyses data to arrest irregular performance reason, and apply diagnostic sensors coupled with advanced algorithm analysis to achieve real-time monitoring solutions

The customized sensors and real-time analysis maximize the value from every piece of data received from your machines. This results in increased machine uptime, improved quality and minimized excursions. Potential machine faults can be identified from data anomalies at an early stage. This allows for planned repairs before expensive disruptive breakdown. In addition, real-time health monitoring allows for performance-based planned maintenance, extending uptime and reducing costs.

Massively cost-effective solutions

Sigenic’s Proprietary Software 

Advanced algorithms that able to process real-time data

and ingeniously define the signature and characteristics of the target machine

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Current practice is to stop manufacturing before failure.

Examples from our Track Record:

Predictive Maintenance Solutions

* Replacing PREVENTIVE maintenance to PREDICTIVE maintenance, optimizing potential of equipment.



Industry Applications

Sigenic has established its technology applied to robotic handling for the Semiconductor industry. However, it also applies to other industrial robotics, such as those used for automotive manufacturing and industrial production lines.


Contact Sigenic for more information and the opportunity for a free consultation to look into your requirements.

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Sigenic’s Advanced Proprietary



Algorithms allow

real-time broadband analysis of all the monitoring data from machine health sensors



Sensors can be existing third party or Sigenic’s own advanced machine health monitoring sensors. Sensor position and type are refined to suit the needs of the machine.


The solutions are IT connectivity ready, it runs with SECS GEM protocol, and support other major protocol to connect either via Lan or Serial port

•    Current practice uses lower sampling rates limited by server capability with the potential for missing critical data.               
•    Current practice with high sampling rates cannot interpret the data, often due to the lack of engineering understanding.
Sigenic goes beyond these restrictions to provide preventive and predictive solutions
based on real-time measurements and engineering predictions.



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